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Transfer Plan

Change Your Major:

If you're a student in another college at UL Lafayette and want to change your major to University College,  you'll need to follow these steps.

1. Get Your Transcript

Go to the Registrar's Office in Martin Hall, room 171. Get an official copy of your transcript — we cannot use the unofficial transcript on ULink.

2. Bring Your Transcript to University College

Bring that official transcript to DeClouet Hall, Room 104, which is the University College main office.

While there, you'll complete the necessary paperwork to have your transcript evaluated and see where you stand toward a Bachelor of General Studies degree.

3. Follow Up With University College

Call the University College main office at 482-6829 to follow up and check on the completion of your evaluation.

The evaluation can take anywhere from three days to three weeks, depending on the time in the semester — factors like time of the semester, peak advising times, etc. will determine how long it takes.

Once you call the office, if your transcript evaluation is complete, you'll be encouraged to pick up a copy.

4. Pick Up Your Evaluation & Schedule Your Advising

When you pick up your transcript evaluation at the University College office, you'll get a brief overview of the hours you will need to complete a Bachelor of General Studies degree.

At that same time, you can then set up an appointment to meet with an advisor. Once you're advised, your hold will be lifted and you'll be able to register for classes. During that same appointment, you can also complete the paperwork to officially change your major.

Transfer Into the Online Program

If you are a student at another university and have earned more than 45 credit hours, you can apply to complete your general studies degree online, regardless of your previous major. Learn more about our online Bachelor of General Studies program.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I'm not sure if I want to change my major?

No problem. You will still need to follow the above procedures. Since there are over 250 different ways a student can earn a Bachelor of General Studies, your specific transcript evaluation is unique to you. 

The coursework and upper levels you have completed, the prerequisites you have met for your remaining coursework, and your area of concentration are a few of the factors that contribute to calculating where you stand towards the completion of a Bachelor of General Studies 120-hour curriculum.

We must have this information before we can advise you towards your next step.

What if I need to schedule classes and I'm late doing so?

Make an appointment as soon as possible with your advisor in the college you're currently enrolled in. Once you've been advised in your existing college, your current advisor will lift your advising hold so you can secure some classes.

In the meantime, refer to Bachelor of General Studies degree Requirements, Courses and Major Checklist for helpful information on securing what classes you can for the current semester.

These steps will put you in the best position at this time. Then, you can complete the steps above to obtain an appointment with an academic advisor in University College.  In that session, you can review your existing schedule and make changes if desired.  Upon the completion of your appointment, you will be able to officially change your major to University College. 

We take pride in our "full service" advising.  We look forward to answering your questions and assisting you.  Act early so that you can secure the classes you need and want for next semester!   

If I have my transcript evaluated, is my major automatically changed?  

No. You will need to schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor before you can officially change your major. 

If you have earned 59 hours or less, or have less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA, you will be instructed to take a copy of your completed transcript evaluation to the Academic Success Center in Lee Hall, Room 115 to complete your change of major. 

If I enroll in the online general studies degree program, will I take different classes than other students?

No. You can take any class offered online that fits in your block/major's curriculum. Those courses are available to both on-campus and online-only students.